JGit - Java GIT

EGit and JGit are now officially hosted at Eclipse. Go there for up-to-date information about EGit and JGit and how to get the latest version.

JGit and EGit are implementations of the Git SCM (by King Penguin) in Java. Git is the killer SCM originally developed for the Linux Kernel, but now thanks the versatility and extreme performance is taking over as the main SCM tool for an ever increasing number of other projects too. Git is available on any Unix-like platform plus Microsoft Windows. The core JGit packages should run on any platform with Java 5 or other fully compatible implementations of Java.

The original goal of JGit/EGit was to provide an Eclipse plugin for working with software using the Git SCM. The Eclipse plugin is still the main goal of many of the developers, but we are open to anyone wanting to interface with other tools, Netbeans, Ant, Maven, Gerrit and many more etc. For those, the JGit part provides a high performance API for working with Git repositories. The main other user of JGit, besides EGit, is Gerrit Code Review, which used by projects such as JGit (ofcourse), EGit (by implication) and Android.

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